Customer Satisfaction

Dear Customer,

DCP is proud of its regulation in the field of customer service, as the company considers satisfaction of customers as basic pillar in its success and a principle that it will not abandon for continuous improvement and development. To assist us to achieve this, we are grateful and thankful to you for giving us few minutes from your time to fill this form.

Note: The information to be provided below, will be used only as measure for customer satisfaction and will not be used for any other purposes, and will not be submitted to any third party.

Customer Information

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Nature of company work

Kindly assess the extent of your satisfaction about each of the following items:

Pre-selling services (Information/ Switch board/ Applications reception/ Customer services)

Poor / insignificantAdequate / suitableGoodExcellent
Easy contact with company (telephone line is available and not busy)
Quick response (waiting period before reply)
Period of work and receiving of calls and orders (7:00-5:00)
Clearness of telephone lie and voice
Respect and good manners in speaking
Transfer to the other sections and concerned sections
Knowledge about company products, services and sections
Providing accurate and satisfactory answers
Response to my expectations and sudden requests
Quick transfer (waiting period upon transfer)
Follow up until full response
Contact of sales to you to know your requirements

Selling and distribution (Sales/ Sales Engineers/ Distribution/ Export)

Poor / insignificantAdequate / suitableGoodExcellent
Accuracy in preparation of orders (prices/ items/ quantities)
Knowledge of company products and services
Submission of proposals and explanations about the products, services and details about the order
Amendment on the order (quickness/ response)
Polite and good dealing by sales employees
Providing assistance and help upon receive of orders
Providing continuous help with regard to the products
Satisfaction of your customers (third party) about our products and their interest on it
Compliance with the times of supply of orders
Adequacy of documents and papers concerning the selling
Performance of the sales employees and distributors in general

Quantity of products and company image (reputation of the company in the market and among the customers)

Poor / insignificantAdequate / suitableGoodExcellent
Nature of products meet the requirements and at the ambition level
Conform with international specifications and standards
Quality of products upon purchase (shape/ packaging)
Quality of products upon use
Spreading of products in the market (reputation)
Presence of products in your company/ stores
Products reputation
Reputation of employees
Good and suitable appearance of employees
Reputation of the management
Reputation of the company compared to the reputation of other competing companies
Company general shape and utilities (meeting room/ waiting hall)
Quality policies and systems in the company
Company environmental policies, regulations and programs

After sales service

Poor / insignificantAdequate / suitableGoodExcellent
Informing about the developments in services and products.
Receiving of complaints and suggestions.
Response to complaints and problems and solving them.
Providing advice about the products.
Continuous and regular follow up.
Matching the technological and scientific advancement in products and proposed solutions.

Taking back (Recover of products)

Poor / insignificantAdequate / suitableGoodExcellent
Quickness in meeting taking back request
Keeping the right upon implementation of taking back.
Compliance with good manners and respect upon taking back.
Apologizing for not meeting the request and giving reasons.
Submission of necessary documents and papers.

Comments & remarks of customer