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Pre-blended metallic dry shake floor topping

Tibmix is a non-oxidizing, chemically inert, metallic dry shake floor topping for monolithic floors. The product contains a blend of specially graded aggregates, additives and Portland Cements. Tibmix can also be used to suppress steel fibres in concrete floors.
Coloured versions of Tibmix are also available which contain a high quality, durable pigment.

When trowelled into freshly laid concrete, Tibmix produces a dense, tough, abrasion resistant surface suitable for most industrial floors. The product is designed for application either by hand or using automatic spreading equipment.

Abrasion resistance conforms to BS EN 13892-4 AR0,5 (Special Class)
Tibmix should be used in conjunction with Setseal 6 polymer curing membrane/sealer/hardener.


Tibmix is available in 25 kg polythene-lined paper sacks.


Recommended application rate of 5.4 kg/m² depending on application - please contact our Technical Department.


Store under cover, in unopened bags clear of the ground in cool dry conditions, protected from frost and excessive draught.
When stored as above, and used within 9 months of the date shown on the packaging, the activity of the reducing agent added will be maintained and the mixed product will contain no more than 0.0002% (2 ppm) soluble chromium (VI) on the total dry weight of the cement.

Shelf Life

9 months in unopened bags stored under good conditions.

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