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Solvent-free high strength epoxy paste

Quickmast 341 is a two component, solvent-free, high strength adhesive and patching compound. Formulated to give an easily applied paste and suitable for sealant gun application, Quickmast 341 is thixotropic in nature and is suitable for vertical and overhead bonding and structural repairs.

Quickmast 341 adheres well to most building materials without the need for a primer, as well as exhibiting very good abrasion and chemical resistance along with negligible shrinkage.


Quickmast 341 applications include patching repair of defective concrete, pin holes repair and gap filling in concrete, as well as bonding:

  • Concrete to concrete.
  • Steel/metal to concrete.
  • Rubber to concrete.
  • Natural stone (such as granite, limestone and marble) to concrete.
  • All types of tiles to concrete.
It also works as a base coat for epoxy and polyurethane coatings.

Materials Supplied

1 kg, 2 kg and 6 kg packs. 


1 kg pack will yield approximately 0.60 litre. The consumption depends on the type of repair and the type of surface.


Protect from frost and store under dry warehouse conditions at temperatures between 5°C and 30°C.

Shelf Life

24 months in original unopened, undamaged, sealed containers and stored under good condition.


The surface must be structurally sound, free from oil, grease and other forms of contamination. Concrete surface should be dry and suitably prepared either by scabbling or grit blasting to remove any surface laitance. Steel surfaces should be grit blasted to remove all rust and scale (see the DCP Guide to Surface Preparation for
furth er details).
The effectiveness of decontamination should be evaluated using a pull-off test.


Quickmast 341 comprises two components, a resin base and a hardener, which are supplied pre-weighed in the correct proportions. Under no circumstances should part mixing be carried out. When required for application, the two components should be mixed well until a uniform consistency and colour are obtained, this should be ideally carried out using a mechanical mixer.
Mixing of 1 kg packs can be done by hand but care must be taken to ensure homogenous mixing. In cold weather, mixing will be aided if the containers are stored in a warm environment before use.


For bonding concrete sections, an even coating of product should be applied to both surfaces and these brought together under light pressure. 
Any excess paste which exudes from the joint should be removed and the joint troweled to a neat finish. The assembled sections should be protected from movement until the resin is set. Where Quickmast 341 is to be used as a bonding primer in the vertical or overhead position, an even layer of Quickmast 341 should be applied to the surface and worked well in to ensure good contact.

The material to be bonded should then be placed after approximately 30 minutes at 25ºC. (This time refers to the total elapsed time from mixing the product). For patch repairs, Quickmast 341 should be applied to the surface and finished to levels. A smooth surface will be aided by wetting the trowel sparingly with Quickmast solvent. Quickmast 341 can be applied to cracks or in accessible areas by means of a sealant gun.

While the material is wet, brush out any ridges left by the trowel. Quickmast 341 should not under any circumstance be exposed to water before final set.


Quickmast 341 has a working time between 60 - 90 minutes at 25°C. Mixed material should not be left standing for any length of time prior to application, as this will considerably reduce its working time.


Quickmast 341 should not be applied at temperatures below 5°C.
When exposed to temperatures over 35°C it will have a shorter pot and working life.


Quickmast 341 should be allowed to cure for 24 hours at 25°C before being subjected to foot traffic.
At the same temperature, full mechanical and chemical properties are achieved after 7 days (please consult our Technical Department for details of curing times at other temperatures).


Clean uncured material with Quickmast solvent. Cured material can only be removed mechanically.


Please refer to the relevant Health and Safety Data Sheet for detailed information.


This data sheet is for general guidance purposes only and may contain information that is inappropriate for certain conditions of use. Accordingly, all recommendations and suggestions are made without guarantee. Further information is available from our Technical Services Department.

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