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Griptop HD is a three-pack solvent-free polyurethane topping that provides floor surfaces with a seamless, hygienic, slip resistant and cosmetically attractive finish. It is designed for food and chemical processing areas and heavy-duty engineering areas, dairies, breweries etc.


Griptop HD can be steam cleaned and is resistant to boiling water and process liquids up to 120°C when applied at 9mm or above.

Griptop HD is applied by trowel and can be laid to falls. It has very good durability towards pedestrian and vehicular traffic. It also has very good resistance to many of the chemicals commonly found in an industrial environment (consult our Technical Department for further details).

Griptop HD can be supplied in a variety of colours (consult our Sales Department for further details).

Materials Supplied



Approximately 2.5m² per kit at 6mm thick.


Store at temperatures between 5°C and 30°C.

Shelf Life

Approximately 12 months if stored in unopened containers and under good conditions.

Technical Information

EN 13813 DesignationSR-AR0,5-B2,0-IR4
Wear Resistance
EN 13892-4
≤ 50 μm
Bond strength (N/mm2)
EN 13892-8
≥ 2.0
Impact resistance
EN ISO 6272-1
≥ 4 Nm

Application Instructions


The surface must be clean, dry (less than 75% RH measured by hygrometer) and free of laitance (see the DCP Guide to Surface Preparation for further details).

To ensure a good bond to the substrate, a 20mm deep x 8mm wide rebate must be cut around the edges of the floor, 150mm from the walls, doorways, finished edges, plinths, etc and running parallel to them.

For treatment of surfaces containing expansion joints, consult our Technical Department.

Griptop HD is non-tainting and has been tested to TES-S-002 by Campden BRI Group (test data available on request.


Surfaces must be primed with Strongcoat Primer on which 0.7–1.2mm dry quartz aggregate has been scattered at approx. 0.5Kg per m².

More than one coat of primer may be required for highly porous or textured surfaces.

For surfaces with RH between 75 and 85%, prime with 1 coat of Strongcoat DPM and allow to cure before priming with Strongcoat Primer.

For surfaces with RH greater than 86%, prime with 2 coats of Strongcoat DPM and allow the second coat to cure before priming with Strongcoat Primer.


Taking care to ensure that the bottom and sides are thoroughly scraped, transfer the entire contents of the Griptop HD Hardener container into the Resin container and, using a Jiffy-type mixer attached to a slow running electric drill, mix for approximately two minutes.

Once the Griptop HD Hardener and Resin have been mixed, transfer all the mixed material into a Casco or Creteangle-type mixer, taking care to ensure that the bottom and sides are thoroughly scraped. Start the mixer and transfer to it the entire contents of the Griptop HD Filler container, taking care to ensure that these are completely dry and lump-free. Continue mixing for approximately two minutes.

Never mix Griptop HD by hand as this could lead to areas of uncured material.


Once mixing is complete, transfer the Griptop HD to the primed surface and, using a straight-edged steel trowel, apply it evenly. 

When applying each kit of Griptop HD, leave approximately 200mm of the closest working edge untrowelled as this will help the blending in of the next kit. Take care not to excessively trowel the Griptop HD as this will lead to burnish marks on its surface.


Griptop HD has a working time of approximately 15 minutes at 20°C.

Never leave the mixed Griptop HD kit to stand for any length of time before application, as this will considerably shorten its working time.


Once mixing, application and finishing are complete, tools can be cleaned with a suitable solvent.


At 20°C, Griptop HD can be opened to pedestrian traffic after 12 hours and heavy wheeled traffic after 24 hours. At the same temperature, it should be allowed to cure for seven days before exposing it to chemical contamination (consult our Technical Department for details of curing times at other temperatures).


Griptop HD should not be applied at temperatures less than 10°C.


Consult the appropriate Material Safety Data Sheets prior to using Griptop HD.

This data sheet is for general guidance purposes only and may contain information that is inappropriate for certain conditions of use. Accordingly, all recommendations and suggestions are made without guarantee. Further information is available from our Technical Department.

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