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Griptop LD is a medium duty fl ow applied flooring system with a seamless matt smooth finish. Based upon polyurethane technology it provides a surface with resistance to abrasion, chemical attack and other forms of physical aggression.


Griptop LD is available in two grades, Griptop LD medium duty flooring which is typically applied at thicknesses of between 2 and 3mm and Griptop MD heavy duty flooring which is applied between 4 and 6mm thickness.

Materials Supplied

Griptop LD is supplied in a 27.3kg unit.

Griptop MD is supplied in a 25.9kg unit. 


Griptop LD approximately 6.5 m² per unit at a thickness of 2mm.

Griptop MD approximately 3.2 m² per unit at a thickness of 4mm.

Coverage is dependant on surface profi le, texture, porosity and substrate temperature.


Store in dry conditions at temperatures between 15°C and 25°C.

Do not expose to freezing conditions.

Shelf Life

Griptop LD and Griptop MD have a maximum of twelve months shelf life (Resin Components) and three months shelf life (Aggregates) when stored in the original, unopened containers.

Technical Information

Compressive Strength (N/mm2)
> 45
Tensile Strength (N/mm2)
> 2
Bond Strength (N/mm2)
> 1.50 
(Concrete Failure)
Shore D Hardness
Slip resistance
Pendulum Test to BS 7976-2
Dry > 50
Wet and antislip finish
consult DCP technical department
VOC< 10g/ltr
Based on a fully mixed unit
Chemical resistanceExcellent general chemical 
resistance for specific
reagents contact DCP
technical department
Pot Life15 mins
Pedestrian Traffice
18 hours
Light Wheeled Traffic24 hours
Full Traffic48hours
Full Cure7 Days

Application Instructions


To be assured of maximum adhesion and properties from DCP’s resin products the correct surface preparation is essential. The concrete substrate must be a minimum of  28 days old and the residual moisture content must be a maximum of 75% RH.

The substrate should be sound with a minimum compressive strength of 25 N/mm² and a minimum pull off strength of 1.5 N/mm². The surface must be clean, dry and free of contaminants such as dirt, oil, grease, coatings and surface treatments. If in doubt, apply a test area first.

Concrete substrates should be mechanically prepared using vacuum enclosed abrasive blast cleaning or diamond grinding equipment to remove laitance and previous surface treatments leaving an open textured surface.

Weak concrete must be removed and repaired using recommended DCP products. In order to ensure the finished system remains fully bonded to the sub-floor it is recommended that all terminating edges are rebated to produce a cross-section of 5mm deep by 5mm wide, running at 150mm from and parallel with the walls i.e. day joints, movement joints, floor edges, door thresholds etc.


Prime the prepared surfaces using Strongcoat Primer applying the material at a nominal rate of 5 m² per Kg. Allow the primer to cure for a minimum of twelve hours @ 20°C.

If the surface is porous it may be necessary to apply subsequent coats of the priming material until the substrate is fully sealed.


Griptop LD is supplied as a three component product, each component being pre-weighed ready for use. Premix the coloured base component , then the contents of the curing agent container should be drained into the base component and the two materials thoroughly mixed. The mixed liquid should then be poured into a clean suitably sized seperate mixing container and the aggregate component slowly added under constant mixing until a uniform consistency has been achieved.

Do Not Mix By Hand.


Apply the mixed Griptop LD by serrated trowel or pin rake to the required thickness. Within approximately 10 minutes roll the Griptop LD with a spike roller in order to de-aerate the material.

When the material is sufficiently cured existing joints in the sub floor must be carried through into the Griptop LD screed.

The ambient temperature of the works area should be a minimum of 15°C during the application and curing period, if not adhered to this can affect the colour and appearance of the system.

Materials and substrate temperature must be above 15°C.


Clean all equipment immediately after use with DCP ToolClean.


Avoid contact of the material with skin and eyes. Wear appropriate gloves, overalls and eye protection during use. Please refer to material safety sheet for additional information. For specific advice regarding any aspect of this product, please consult our technical section.

This data sheet is for general guidance purposes only and may contain information that is inappropriate for certain conditions of use. Accordingly, all recommendations and suggestions are made without guarantee. Further information is available from our Technical Department.

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